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Do you make it through the finish line and Megumi Yasu really (east MAX?)
Attended the event on the 9th, east MAX of talent year marriage to Megumi Yasu Talent Attached in some sports newspaper was reported took place in Tokyo, around December if all goes well in this state “after the event I revealed about the time of marriage and “It is.However, it would not have in dampen not in marriage mood, but according to some evening paper paper, there is a habit of the east take the attitude suggestive such marriage fraud like so far, dating partner, which cry to it such as large.Ardent love of the first East surfaced Contact partner Uozumi Rie Ana was a popular announcer at the time NTV 8 years ago.Very popular since then say, it becomes a rumor Matsushima Naomi Chiaki Tanihara of “Othello”, Big Idol of Arasa has been seen as the favorite until recently.Somehow, I feel that does not go to the marriage, as it is smoothly’ve to but ….

(Either became a “wide talent show” The Norika Fujiwara)
The 10th, the actress Norika Fujiwara returned home in aircraft arrival at Narita Airport from Tahiti premarital travel destination with securities analysts, Mr. Inui Makio Attached.Norika you showed up one person from the arrival gate earlier commented, “Because it is many years head I was able to refresh (to such travel)” and the reporters gathered, but appeared drama this year, 0 this but it should be “actress”.work itself is just gone by Fuji TV has canceled the relay, such as poor management of the operating company also martial arts event · K-1 every year, he served as caster throughout the year, and how certain plenty of time.It was silent in the event of fashion brand who attended the 13th, but it among the company has continued to be a hot topic is inevitable, or became a tabloid show talent finally.

(Propensity of popular group members obviously)
You have confessed DV damage women original dating partner received from the performer · MAKIDAI of EXILE was released on the 13th “Bunshun” in (Bungeishunju).According to the magazine, seems to have had a habit of biting a woman’s body in the middle of H is MAKIDAI, published a medical certificate who has been diagnosed with a week to heal completely in the hospital received the DV damage photos and bitten through the body.That said, do not hear about from the article really MAKIDAI Whether had a “seriously dating” that woman, there was no damage at all in zero impact on the work of MAKIDAI.

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New facts likely still out in the battle outbreak of Kodansha VS Yoshimoto
Popular Songs AKB48 members choose to … “My Request Hour Best 10″
“Your ugly-chan are mixed,” indeed! And AKB48 members that have been named in the SP high school?

[Departure from Africa! Mother married a man who killed son of Breaking News] yourself (2 years).(South Africa)

April 23 of last year, died boy to become 2-year-old to hospital.Four days after the death of the boy, was arrested (28) a man.This man was a true love of the mother of the boy who died.that this man arrested after being released on parole in 1000 about bail of land (about 10,000 yen), was released in innocence eventually married the mother of the boys have been revealed on the 10th of this month.

At the time April 23, 2010, when a man was arrested and was “killing by assault”.The day of the incident, the mother of boys going out for work, it was only two of this man is a lover of the mother and boy in the house.When the mother came home after a while, got a message “to come back immediately” from the man, the boy was limp by issuing the nosebleed.Was rushed to the hospital in a hurry, but the boy died soon thereafter.That the man wielded violence and bruises from the body was clear, but I was supposed to be an autopsy is awaited for probable cause.

For the results of the autopsy, which came out at last in this year, both arms of the boys has broken, it is the violence you see that was damaged three places also skull, with murderous intent for 2-year-olds revealed.However, the man was released surprisingly was married to the mother of the boy he had killed.According to the newspaper of October 10, the state police has made clear that it plans to re-arrest a man on charges of “murder”.

It was very sad about the biological father of the boys.Father was a health itself when I met his son in the “last.Although I did not become a thing if it were not with their mother ….I was disappointed with “.

It is a system of the country of South Africa that it takes nearly a year to get to the autopsy results are surprising.But, is the behavior of mothers of boys that were killed in the struggle to understand it more.Nor should you know anyone like suicide of the mother to marry a man that would have killed his son.
(TechinsightJapan Editorial Kondo Hitomi)

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• 24 years in prison to his father that was killing the children of real Suspecting an affair.(Taiwan)
· 10 years in prison in mother-in-law that “Kill the daughter-in-law” was closing in on her husband for a year.(Sweden)
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Grandson “grandson of ideal” like Tara-chan or grow what if

Unprecedented boom that arose in Japan entered the population decline society.Was released in January last year – “boom grandson”, in the form of “The Power of grandson record of observation nobody has to” (Island Taizo Author = Chukoshinsho) is the spark began.Immediately, bimonthly reduction was decided “the power of the grandchild” magazine inaugural preparatory issue was released in May this year (Thu music building).

Among the “grandson boom”, it is smart, and obedient, wording is the beautiful, Tara-chan … “turban shell family” feeling also gentle,’s a “grandson of the ideal just” says voice actor Nagai Ichiro of Namihira role that.This grandchild grow up or what if.

Family “turban shell’s family to live together seven three generations.Average number of people per household because was about five at the time the series of comics has started, it’s no wonder so.Moser and Namihira has taken the stance is left to the turban shell and Masuo education grandson of basic and will not be, but that lead is watching among them ”

You can talk to, Mr. Iwamatsu KenYoshiro of Keio University professor emeritus at Tokyo turban shell Society president.Grandparents without any interference, to know the human relationship to nature, Tara-chan that is learning social among the large family.

“Because I saw and the process of seaweed and bonito grows up, a figure that is angry, it can be seen in nature and” Na I do not do Once you have this kind of thing “” (Talao role voice actor Kiya Doko’s)

So, what grandfather or should I Sessure grandson.Mr. Nagai The preceding such.Even cooler car is nothing in the “turban shell family.But, Tara-chan’m happy.Grandpa spoiling grandchildren, and lead to the unnecessary things beyond the parent Kangaemono.I think that you should teach such as properly align properly, the base of such a life, that is small and it is important such as greeting, shoes ”

※ 21 Oct. 2011 Shukan Post

The lingerie model original mode daughter in Yankee figure.The outstanding performance before the Goto Maki pause!

Was declared to be dormant as a singer with a January 2012, former Morning Musume.Goto Maki.It is her limit to the hiatus is getting closer day by day, but it is showing active in a variety of wide field recently.

Her surprise appearance in the costume of Yankee pink to live rock band on the 11th of this month, was held in Tokyo SHIBUYA-AX of “Kishidan” first.This is due to the edge to be released on the 19th of single CD with his unit “Ayanokoji Sho Goto Maki” and the Ayanokoji Xiang Kishidan is “Non stop love dew properly!” She.Ayanokoji will aim million in “serious.Us because you get along if you do not go 1 million! I had to appeal to fans of the venue in the bombshell with “.

In addition, she worked as a model in the fall and winter season 2011 lingerie fashion brand “rienda” and “rienda suelta”.Has said, “lingerie model first and last” herself, but it is without regret showing off sexy figure in the catalog.

To the lively activities of these, while some fans are happy that the exposure increases, and voice to be “sorry” for what you’ve taken off said that model, Morning Musume.Voice I think the anxiety the future as a “stray despite a slight pause is near” is also up to the activities that never dream of from the era.

Herself, behind you have declared a cessation of public life, we are talking about the death of her mother was greater in me still, and pondering the idea to my future in the period it, for “I and that began to think that it “would like to live.She had said that as “I want to challenge or think or what their not Gomaki do you want to, what can be”.It is seen in the back of active entertainment recent activity, and, in there is the enthusiasm that you are trying to challenge what you can do with the entertainment industry in front of the rest, and that it was not long coming until now.

Her album and final release “Love words (VOICE)” In the hiatus before the November 2.Event becomes also varied between the handshake meeting, final live of December 4 through “G-Emotion FINAL” to live afterwards.Challenge activities and numerous what can be a stepping stone to leap and resurrection of closed later.

Before the hiatus, it’s attention to the Goto Maki show us many ways still.

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Tackey & Tsubasa or red and white in the first frame Enka down?
Die willow George’s
Asano, Oginome, Kaga, Minamisawa et al “will follow you to Mariko Kaga” appeared in the press conference for the new series of “Women of eight” stage

Welcome to the human force turned the meeting with Mr. Magoseigi polished “fate” very slowly and carefully, luck to ally – SBI Holdings CEO, Mr. Yoshitaka Kitao [Part]

You are called out from Mr. Magoseigi, then turned to Softbank from Nomura Securities, SBI Holdings CEO, Mr. Yoshitaka Kitao was also pulled off 480 billion yen of unprecedented funding as a company where you just OTC.Such Kitao said, but cold in the career outlook on job change in recent years is touted.Than that, we propose a career theory that respected forever to cherish the work of the front of the eyes, to fulfill the destiny that his visit to after to have the knowledge, the human power.The life of the dojo Kitao, who has in hand a high reputation home and abroad through, I learn the response capabilities of work and life theory.

Contact – Yoshitaka that came
Faculty of Economics, Keio University after graduation in 1974, he joined Nomura Securities.Cambridge, UK, Department of Economics, University of graduation 1978.Nomura Securities NY offices after work, after the United Kingdom Wasserstein Perella & Co. Managing Director, Nomura Corporate Information Board of Directors, the three director Nomura Securities corporations, Softbank joined in the invitation of Mr. Justice Toshimago 1995, he became Managing Director.2005, and up to the present as SBI Holdings, Inc. CEO,.

The change jobs to Softbank from Nomura Securities, south Kitao representative, has been contributed to the breakthrough of the company’s financial.This turning point occurring? Greeted What kind of motive?

“Ninun-Ninten” way of life of Kitao, I, based on the path that is in my life left to luck, let the guidance of heaven.Also change jobs, it is said to “Give me one minute time” from Magoseigi’s in ’95 that I leave the Nomura Securities, there is talk in person “Kitao’s when you come, Softbank I can leap” and It was It was an opportunity.It was not necessarily chosen from here.Check all the information about the industry human that Masayoshi Son, and Softbank, as long as 10 days, to be examined from the offer, because he believed the Internet business to grow, and that he is a manager extraordinary, and I decided to change jobs was.

After I move to south is Softbank, it would have been what your job? Also, what did it bring to your own career?

Position in Softbank Kitao, I was CFO.I had a 480 billion yen in total procurement funds for the growth of Softbank as CFO.Softbank I did just over-the-counter yet published at that time, it is a large sum of funds incredibly still of course in those days.In addition, I have also issued bonds by the fiscal agent method that does not put the bond management company in Japan’s first (50 billion yen).The money is now funding Softbank subsequent development of.

(May Membership to the diamond online is required) here continues

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Throughout China “cancer village” problem … heavy metal = “worse than nuclear contamination in Japan”

Across China, prone areas, such as cancer (cancer) is present.Onset and mortality increases significantly, die in 45 years before and after many.I found the main cause of soil contamination by heavy metals.Some residents said, “from nuclear contamination in Japan, terrible abuses” and.Chugokushinbunsha is reported.

According to Zhang TateShin chief of Hunan Land Resources Tadashi-ga Institute basis Department of Research section, where we examined the health records over 25 years of 70,000 ministry residents, between 1965 to 2005, the incidence of disease related to bone or bone cancer it was on the rise.heavy metal cadmium is contained in the blood or urine of serious Zhuzhou district residents reached 2-5 times the normal.

Groundwater of Inner Mongolia river 套地 district is contaminated with arsenic (such as arsenic).Arsenic poisoning patients were more than 2,000.People who die in developing cancer is often in areas arsenic addict often.

In the same zone Tuoketuo Xian Autonomous Region Hohhot (Hohhot), fluorine poisoning is serious.There are multiple villages toxic symptoms seen in almost all of the residents.

In Baotou area, there is a region where fluorine and rare earth has been detected from the grain.It is believed that groundwater is the cause, of vascular disease relationship, cancer, osteoporosis (osteoporosis) is frequently.Even if it becomes 10 years of age, some children tooth is not growing even one.

In 葫蘆 Island and the city of Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, cadmium, lead, zinc has been contaminated soil.In the refinery of zinc, the “Itai-Itai disease”, source of contamination of “disease that commonly found in” between the employee.

In China, the incurable disease-prone areas have been referred to as a “cancer villages”, or “death Village”.In most cases, I have considered pollution of soil and groundwater to be caused by.Since local authorities do not know well the actual situation, referred to as “has remained in expression that was vague and (vaguely)” even though announced.Residents became used.”I also asked many times measures, what reaction is also not the end” and from.

Situation will not be improved even making noise, livestock and agricultural products is no longer selling the fact that incurable disease occurs frequently in the pollution of groundwater and soil contamination has spread, rural residents to think that it “does not want to be known to the outside” are not uncommon.

February 2 this year, Liu OtoriKasumi who lives in Liaoning 葫蘆 Island City, lost her husband.Was 46 years old.When I heard the news nuclear contamination (by the nuclear accident) is to have occurred “In Japan, Liu did not think anyone is horrible.I said pollution here, the “terrible abuses from Japan.(Editors: Kisaragi Hayato)

Bonus of winter of the leading companies plus average for the second consecutive year is ¥ 810,480

According large companies by industry conclusion situation at the end of the year bonus, lump-sum payment in 2011 that Japan Federation of Economic Organizations (Keidanren) was announced on the 13th (the first time counting), the average settlement amount of 87 companies that responded to, previous year’s ratio at ¥ 810,480 4.77% increase, and became positive for the second consecutive year following last year.

Day to carry her husband, Funakoshi Eiichiro second house garbage bags that came out in Kazuyo Matsui home each

Evening weekend of early October, along with the housekeeper of Filipino, Matsui Generation (54) came out dressed as a rough sandals in floral one-piece from a large mansion in Setagaya, Tokyo.One garbage bag in the hands of Matsui.Housekeeper, had a large trash bag bunch of cardboard, to the right to the left hand.

The previous two men headed, and luxury apartments of about a 1-minute walk from home.Here, second house you have purchased (6 day number 29 and October September) Seven women were to tell, at about 200 million yen in April this year.Matsui contends that “preparation room of her husband, Eiichiro Funakoshi (51),” but it is said that Funakoshi is tired of life with Matsui, also purchased seeking time alone.

Matsui who came out in about 30 seconds after entering the apartment.Waste that would have had was gone.It seems to have come to throw to the second house of the husband purposely dust came out at home apparently.Entertainment officials to testify this.

“Matsui-san, I’m a person who can not forgive dust’s is also one at home or partly allergy.So, other than garbage collection day, I seem to throw it away take them to the apartment of Funakoshi’s garbage bags.But, given that they have large mansion like that, even though there are plenty of Nantes space such as parking, put the garbage out, Nantes take it to the apartment all the way, very much I will be “tidy” What ”

Even so, and I throw away to the apartment other trash at home, it’s an ant ‘s it? I talked to the person in question Matsui.

And even though the pay common expenses of “apartment, it Something wrong.Luggage, such as a master of costume You will receive a lot at home, but let me throw away to ask to janitor, garbage such as cardboard associated with it.Also Katagata of residents (apartment) of the same floor, at the time of the move, we go to the greeting with a Wedgwood with husband.And, I’m out by reducing the waste, and garbage storage, too to have been cleared up or even clean ”

However, Koichi Hiraga said housing consultant to such a point out.

I think “Mr. Funakoshi if residents of the apartment, that there is right to throw away the garbage.But, because it assumes the dust out with a mansion only and I mean throw away and brought all the way from the outside, but it is an issue as moral.If other residents had a distaste for bringing garbage, it would be required discussion between residents ”

※ 27 Oct. 2011 Seven Women

Realities of Wall Street occupation demonstration that is information manipulation in the media

Protests that began on Wall Street in New York is not only the expansion of the city to the north, it is becoming even Oyobi home of famous wealthy and major financial institutions management.The demonstration activities emphasize this time the groove of disparities condemned financial man who receive exorbitant compensation, is spreading.Is taken up every day the movement of these, each paper has been written up as a story of justice just like the brave hero to confront the root of all evil.

However, the reason that they continue to expand the demonstration of Wall Street is prolonged so far, “because they are seeking correction of disparities” I wonder if that really.In part, the movement to point out the reality of the demo too far removed also seen the media reports.

Homeless meal mercenary and free sex of young people to be carried out in no 憚 glance, et al.People gathered on the circumstances under extreme in unsanitary, does not appear to like you are Niki a statement of intent antisocial very.It’s Nitehinarumono The “Jasmine Revolution” sparked in Tunisia.

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Not evil inequality – wasting time?

World’s inequality.

I wanted to Twink born more.Head if Umarere better.Motor nerves if Umarere better.If so born in the home of the rich more.At that time, if you select a B instead of A · · ·.

Life is dependent on various luck.The effort not only, to go decided it is influenced by various luck, bad luck.

World is!’m Inequality! That where it cried, with the aim of “equality of results” learned we through a grand social experiment of the last century that it ends in failure.

People who claim loudly that the less now.

people claiming that “equality of opportunity” as many continue.It is not opposed to personal.But, there is a matter of degree.

Say of it, “Put your inheritance tax”, it’s was “Takamero more progressivity of income tax” to say that it is equality of opportunity anything and everything, and of it “Hatarakasero by the same women and men”.

However, precisely because the inequality, might make sense world.Simply because I was perpetuated under adverse conditions, people who make an effort to think it “or not to be defeated” would be more.people disappointed by efforts have not paid off would also be many, but the effort still thinking “Let’s Shiteyaro efforts more”, “way is might have been wrong” with the effort simply because unrequited people grab a result Te also should often.

You think inequality and has given vitality definitely out there I wonder just me.

No, it’s funny because using the term inequality.I think the world is interesting precisely because there is diversity rather than inequality.

More of the world to be strong competition everyone standing on the same starting line is horrible for me very much.