Are signs of decline in rookie Johnny unearthed in decreased libido “obsession to the handsome youth is ……” the president?

20 days leave in September, has been certified as Guinness “the person who produced the concert of the most” as the “person you have produced a number one single of the most”, Johnny president Johnny Kitagawa Mr..Recently, however, insight to discover the talent of teenager that he is dull.

Following the August to “Kis-My-Ft2″, this fall debut of “Sexy Zone” is also published, and became debut Rush Johnny’s group this year, but the voice that it is a step in Johnny empire collapse in many cases this.

Rookie debut of “Johnny is the idea of ​​Johnny’s always, but even so I was surprised the lineup of the group this year.The top 26-year-old, is close to 23 years old, the average age higher age To market as idol group from now on “Kis-My-Ft2″.The “Sexy Zone”, there is no surprise you are link the name without major Jr. Current Sato victory and Nakajima Kento, and Matsushima Satoshi blunder, such as group debut so far called “! Came this” I.Instead you put secretly members like garbled after a few years, I only arranged the popular Jr. Simply, you have got together small.Aesthetic of Johnny’s decline already, than useless to?”(Idol writer)

Other, Nakayama Yuma was Supeoki of Kitagawa President, CD debut group bearing the name of its own in the “Nakayama Yuma w / BIShadow”.Etc. serve the starring drama, it was a remarkable success in 2009 around.However, there is currently a member of “NYC” although, the unfortunate result of …… in spite of it was arm-twisting to put considerable power.Supernatural powers of the president Kitagawa Did gone really.This includes also view sexual orientation of Kitagawa President is rumored for some time and is at stake.

“Janie’s also 80 years old this month.Episode that was a good natural ways old man from long ago have come transmitted, but I have seen handsome youth like native has not changed.However, the tendency of obsession to beauty faded indeed, carry out or produced group organized giving priority to the idea that business basis seem to be growing in recent years.In a typical, except that the “taste” of Johnny’s can not see is I am concerned about “Sexy Zone” “(writer of supra)

or that the boss Johnny Guinness also recognize, that did not win in the age of truly.As this occurs, the successor problem of Johnny floats again.Even not to say to have supernatural powers, the presence of inheriting a “taste” of Kitagawa president is not appeared, the future of the firm might be dark.
(Statement = Sasaki KiSatoshihana)

The aim of the real Johnny Kitagawa “big gimmick? Last in Asia” was call on in the Guinness Book of Records
New strategy of SMAP View “to ban taboo” and Kiss My to “set selling”
Drama of the fair-haired boy Nakayama Yuma Johnny’s 8.5% Start of the surprise!

The voice of “clean flesh” Nozomi Sasaki “Legs of ideal” in the first place

Torendazu Co., Ltd. has announced the results of a survey on “Legs of ideal” that target 1,000.

As a result of research on “women entertainers in Japan I think it’s a beautiful leg,” “ideal,” “Norika Fujiwara” (24 votes), and the 3-position “Sasaki Nozomi” (25 votes), in second place 1 in men choose “Kuroki Meisa”, “Karina” (19 votes) was ranked in with the same number.Thin “but without feeling graunch, to receive the impression of healthy men who chose Sasaki rare.(25 years old men) “is a” beautiful plump.Reason (such as 37-year-old-man) “went up.

On the other hand, “Norika Fujiwara” (65 votes) is selected in the first place women choose, lasted “Kuroki Meisa” (24 votes) # 2 “Alisa Mizuki” (52 votes), 3.The reason for Norika Fujiwara is chosen, style is very good, and also because legs beautiful long.(26-year-old-woman), “long”, and sexy not too thin to say … and thin.(Such as 31-year-old-woman) “were raised.Fifth place in women, opinion seems to differ between men and women and 11 of the women in the 3-position is “Karina” men chose to first place “Nozomi Sasaki”.

What kind of woman are you legs “ideal and” Legs “?The question of the “legs with a moderately plump” “in (63%), followed by leg with a” sharp “(26%) was followed by the most frequent responses were in men.

In women “long legs” (64%) in the first place, “legs without waste hair” (61 percent), “straight leg” (53 percent), “legs with a plump moderately” (52%), and the result will be the “legs with a sharp” and (51%), the difference in the consciousness of men and women were seen again.

· “Survey on Legs of ideal” report (Torendazu)
· Bruise of unknown cause is found many legs of Fujimoto Miki pride
-Voice to make a darker and show off Sasaki Nozomi of Bob! “Sexy”
• The blog news about the legs

Red and white “black dating” NG declaration! Played NG singer who?

Briefing of the 6th, Upon played singer selection of New Year’s Eve of “62nd Kohaku Uta Gassen”, and to clarify the stance of importance to the gang exclusion regulations, which came into force across the country this month, Matsumoto Masayuki chairman of NHK is “ordinance remark Based on, and “the selection while more carefully.We also found that to face strong stand to be “released (contestants)” If the relationship between the gang was found.

After that date, “October, and has appeared with the sport Senshugado various celebrities and to be modest is the” dating black “even look at the other stations and the agency.Takes too much time there is no “draw” a clear TV stations, to wash the friendships one by one “(TV stakeholders)

That said, retirement Shinsuke Shimada-san revealed their own “black dating” with the gang-related person in August.It did not seem able to only was decided that the ordinance was enacted in Okinawa Prefecture and Tokyo from the 1st, it is applied in all 47 prefectures, NHK public broadcasting also through, but the singer that can not be played is what I wonder lineup.

Out completely singer of hit songs on the theme of Occupation big game singer also served as “large bird, he had come with the original because I made the theme song of wide-area gang both.Singer that could not be appeared on NHK at one time participated in the golf competition of gang boss would also be NG.female singer was recently reported that the weekly magazine is the “Kuroiasobi” at home or place, such as those rejected on “(weekly magazine reporter)

As unavoidable, the name of the record company likely severely damaged also he that is whispered Because’ve been dating at the discretion of the individual if the individual singer.

“Black dating” in the upper echelon has been reported to certain record company, who had sent into the red and white many artists “every year.The record company affiliation singer would be NG NHK if judged to be out of it, “said

Time is likely to take still more to compete singer selection of this year, but remains what kind of lineup?

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Retirement really?Mino Monta is restructuring the verge! ?

Tokyo Sports newspaper of October 3 issue reported, retirement of Mino Monta.News of this impact, has become a big topic on the blog now.
“Article of the chart into is here”
The ending of “made thus truth excavation history mystery” was broadcast on April 23, Mino himself leaked, it became the inception, remarks hint at the retirement of its own.

The retirement of a sudden uproar of big game talent to collect popular as a caster, bloggers,
- Seriously!?Oh, really!?And I’m quite surprised! !
• The morning “morning Zuba! I of “faction …… do not you
• The kidding?- Although I liked quite like “the voice of the rare play”
And, how not hide the surprise.

You have a regular four to fit Minowa, and television and radio now, but these contracts all end in March next year.At present, it has been reported subsequent updates also undecided.

Bloggers contrast,,
· I thought you had a little tired indeed?Mon …… I’m 67 years old
• The I wonder if such What does it want to generation change.Or such as embark on another business?
, Such as the same situation … and Shinsuke way!?
And, up to a guess comment.Retirement crisis of the “face of always”, not the day you do not see on TV that rumor has various flying around even on the blog.

However, the agency of Mino denied his retirement.I’m also after the termination of the contract of the program, and can be extended.The truth of it is not clear yet, as a man who before the seventy years of age, it may be that started drawing a new outlook.

By the way, speaking of celebrity that comes to mind with the keyword “retirement”, is such a person who also other.
· Gomaki the ~ was shocked.I buy absolutely collaboration with Yan Xiang last! !
• The return to Mona Yamamoto I come to think of it?And I heard the news of this before retirement with …
- Topic of forest Mr. I’m out at a concert of recent SMAP.- I was glad
Various retirement of sudden celebrity playing an active part Aredo, in the gorgeous stage, why not a little shocked thing.While praying the happiness of their future, I hope also to a new activity in the future.

(Dewa Emiko / effect)
■ the topic, it is not spoken in sleep talking?”Negotoku”
Let’s talk about Monta Mino!

■ blog who talk about “Mino Monta”
Mino Monta blog ranking

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(Part 2) Steve Jobs = Apple [The relationship of Brabus and Apple] was black ships also for car industry

There is a manufacturer that had a particular interest in Apple by car manufacturer.
It is Germany’s Brabus famous tune of Mercedes-Benz.
Last year, the company announced complete car that is based on the S-Class the “BRABUS S V12 R-iBusiness”.

Integrated management in Macmini in the trunk inside them still attached iPad, iPhone, and Mac display in the back seat, this car you can radio, as well as navigation, to manipulate the COMMAND system.
IBusiness this was announced was updated to incorporate it iPad2 is announced in March as “iBusiness 2.0″.

It is based on the Viano of one box of Benz In addition, it was announced and equipment of iBusiness added a PS3, 40-inch 3DTV to “iBusiness 3D”.

I think it is not only the design, Apple products and because the easy-to-understand interface operation is intuitive multi-touch.
businessman to work in the back seat in chauffeured in iBusiness · · · ·
Hey do not know kinda what about how cool (laughs)
>>> Http:// following the? Its
>>> Http:// Please read this place together
(Jun Kurihara)



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Large moss Nichi-ba Fuji broke the butyrate Akibasho

Akibasho in Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan, was assumed to be lacking in good enough climax.
Customer If there is still no entry only “This, lively Some do not make even Itashikatanai.The feeling that toll of match-fixing problem came at once, the first half because it was personal and I should also put half.Following Kyushu place with a reputation by customer does not enter.Association main brain’m has a blue face as early “(sumo correspondent)

However, it did not Moriagara It is not only because of poor house.The largest winner in the last tournament, the rope up of Nichi-ba Fuji, such as double Ozeki take TsuruRyu, of KotoSusumuKiku, or where high topic of attractions, this place sumo “new hero is likely to appear,” and for the first time in a long time expression of the participants also was bright.Was crush the air, it was a fall off too early Nichi-ba of Fuji.
The missed to Okinoumi of Hiramaku the second day immediately after the start after all, is suffered three losses by day 5 of the opening part, and killed my biggest talking point of rope up in no time.
In terms of the “word, I was crushed by Blue Dragon allergy morning.The sumo world, there is a strong think Asashoryu of that second person, not made.However, we respect than anyone Asashoryu it is good riddance to causing trouble, Nichi-ba Fuji since have reported victory to Asashoryu first and foremost you have returned to Mongolia first place after.Air that would be a very After the grand champion in Nichi-ba Fuji spread to the entire association, and I tell you it took to crush everyone “(Association officials)

Come to think of it, even in coalition practice of sept of place before, and pounding the paneling behind mercilessly tossed the AsahiShigeru of new Ju-ryo and Sakigake St. young, Nichi-ba Fuji barrage of making doubly sure embarrassed Asashoryu.Tomotsuna master you have to Mikane (former junior champion Kaiki), have received a reprimand.Nichi-ba Fuji may have been merely the unreadable the air too.

The memorial site photos to Apple, with Jobs’ death

The 5th, Xinhua [San Francisco] Apple announced Steve Jobs before Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has died at founder.To me for a black-and-white photo of him on the front page of its official website a meaning of the memorial, the company was served with the character of “Steve Jobs 1955-2011″.
Apple has lost a genius full of imagination and foresight “Our.I have commented the world and “lost the mysterious one person.
(Edit the translation Onda Yuki)

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[Enta vitamin ♪ "affair, as the mountain" woman is strong opposition to remark.Jinnai Tomonori puzzle to be "... you know."

It is now commonly found on variety show also recently Jinnai Tomonori (37) of comedian.It is a place where more than two years have passed since that divorce turmoil, I want to be talking about comedy core business soon.But remarks in variety show Jinnai is, is becoming a disturbing turn of affairs lead to strong opposition from the female audience.

From this editorial department the other day, I introduced “Twitter Tomonori Jinnai,” Shibakuzo! “Damage” the article titled.Then, “Shibakuzo!” Exposure image and “try to be the exception of his Twitter.Follower to put a comment and “after another, Mmm Is” everyone, It is a good anymore.I leave feeling only got.Emoticons into a semi-weeping “said Jinnai is returning.

In “Jinnai Tomonori (jinnai_tomonori) Twitter” that, from the side looked like a woman who saw the October 4th broadcast “London Hearts SP” the (TV Asahi), I liked a great story “I, Jinnai’s.But Tteyuu style of acting was a lot of cheating recent I hate.Vitriolic opinion had arrived with “.Then, it’s not “How, from (the topics) Furareru.But it is the school that I do not even want to hear too much.”Said the opinion is in from other women.For the opinion of them so! I know “, so Jinnai you know … ….I think that I want to say this in his words “has appeared all.

Two-shot photo of the female model is placed on the part weekly magazine in August this year, Jinnai.Entangled with the topic of her new variety show that has appeared since then, the cause of that “divorce from the entertainer of the other?I’m not that “Until now, it was cheating Nantes”.The dumped and “was” cheating.Cheating, I have a bunch.Laughter by returning a “- pattern that has become more.Then on the net, enough to be cheating as “mountain, there is no reason Moteru.Really unpleasant “”.Harsh comments from a woman has become more and mainly “.If that would be true would be a story, I have a lot of “cheating.For Jinnai to make words with “, and there are women who feel a sense of disgust would not be helped.

How will place sad comedian.The topic of cheating and “divorce, I want to avoid.Nor should it be said Nantes “, and would sometimes put it on for laughter.Do take the entertainer soul “affair, bunch” remarks, do you eat the total Scandic from women.You decide it, it will depend on the attitude of the entertainer as Jinnai show is now.
(TechinsightJapan Editorial Ya)

· “Shibakuzo!” Jinnai Tomonori also sacrifice.Celebrity twitter feared entertainer.
Comments that one aircraft is too tight Kosakai Jinnai Tomonori to “one bean maki”.
Jinnai Tomonori and playback from the dog following or crawl Agareru
• The favorability rating “dog following”.Commercial spirit and “rock bottom” Jinnai Tomonori, Yoshimoto too terrible.
Norika Fujiwara VS Henmi Emiri divorce style showdown!
-IT celebrity, geek, to incidents from.Full of news can not be through -
Here is TechinsightJapan (Tech Insight Japan)!

Jinnai Tomonori – (jinnai_tomonori) Twitter

[Enta vitamin ♪] fans impressed by the appearance of housewife regret even while the “husband’s happy!” Yaguchi Mari go to bed.

Was introduced in the blog how the Yaguchi Mari (28) Talent is concern that her husband, Masaya Nakamura, housework by cutting the nap time.Comments and was so impressed and encouragement from readers housewife first time her have received.

Former Morning Musume.Yaguchi Mari’s married actor Nakamura Masaya is the thing of May of this year.It’s two of the honeymoon, but still fresh, Yaguchi the time of day-to-day, we are apt to be irregular appearance there is a variety show in particular in both entertainer.

Official blog new wife, Mari Yaguchi is the “novice.Voice to sympathy from the reader where it spelled a state in which the housewife industry to October 3 in the “has he arrived.On this day, Yaguchi work is on until midnight was considered to be Get ready for it to be “‘m going to try to nap at home in free time”.However, she is was but thought better as housewives here.

Yaguchi decided to think that her husband to be “tired because Masaya-kun is busy now”, clear up the messy room.Following the drama that ended in September in “Ouran High School Host Club”, Masaya Nakamura movie to appear to the public as well, “Bakugyaku family tapir reverse Famy Rear” in winter.It’s a busy time there as well as the propaganda.

That you’ll notice a lot of other while cleaning up the room went more and more she.The cooked food and beer shopping, magazines, rice, bath cleaning.housework advances at the thought for the husband and the “mon I glad when I boiled the bath come back”.Over time, general cleaning is began with his mother to visit as it happens.She was to decide to polish the housewife force and even “I wonder become housework to allow perfectly cleanly I also like mom” in the finesse of the mother.

After all, Yaguchi is of went out to work to continue until midnight soon to take a nap.And “I wonder if me a little noticed Masaya-kun”, seems headed willing to work even while imagining the face of her husband came home.

“The great myself but tired”, it can become a good “wife housewife from readers to pretend such Yaguchi.I have confidence “, should be” nap, not sleeping in doing housework.Comments such as “a good bride arrives.The advice that I worried about the physical condition of her “I rested well when tired,” “I do housework while cut corners well,” and “I rested and ask them to understand my husband,” there were many.
(TechinsightJapan Editorial Maki Izumi)

- Saved from rock bottom “following Nakazawa” the Yaguchi Mari and “set attracted marriage luck”.
- “What to do what …” and that Yaguchi Mari has experienced for the first time after marriage?
· Strained back in work too hard? A horrifying disaster that struck the husband of Mari Yaguchi.
· It is in BIG Good luck “.Mari Yaguchi of prepared to continue to support the “younger husband.
Mari Yaguchi, met thrilled Asami Konno of announcer during training.
-IT celebrity, geek, to incidents from.Full of news can not be through -
Here is TechinsightJapan (Tech Insight Japan)!
- Yaguchi Mari official blog is “beginner.”

Default route Sakai Noriko “actress return”? Aim or China reimportation talent

Sakai Noriko (40) of the original actress convicted six months in prison, three years probation in Stimulant Drug Control Law violations in November 2009.Post-judgment, as “house arrest in”, himself seems to have been thought that do not perform public life of any probation at least, but over to China in April, it appeared against drugs PR event.And Tokyo Girls Collection in Beijing appearance that had been planned since then.There is also a stripped viewed as entertainment activities this, but that is scheduled probation is from the end of the full-scale return again.

According “women themselves” in (Kobunsha), it’s said that an interview in the July issue of fashion magazine was released in China Sakai of “COSMOPOLITAN”.Among them, she confesses with a state of mind after the incident,

When I was young, I wanted to kind beautiful heroine.
Now, you want to challenge the role, such as can a deeper expression

You are told and, it is assumed that the remarks as if it were a prerequisite actress return.In addition, it is reported that there is also a plan in December of next year, to perform the return of live help before the agency and support group.It’s Sakai return of probation after, such as if it were finalized, she would return to the entertainment industry of Japan?

Prior to enforce the “gang exclusion regulations, Nihonminkanhosorenmei (hereinafter, NAB) against, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has been notified that it” to take the action you can along the “暴排 ordinance.The return to probation even if opened it would be difficult in Japan for the.It is not clear to eventually where to find stimulants are Sakai had been in possession of, but have many people to see that it got from the gang-related person.The media that try to use people who had a close relationship with the black relationship, do not have anywhere.It had been said to be, or not to return in the movie becomes a nude temporarily, but it also than unreasonable “and (entertainment writer)

In the possibility of AV appearance had been rumored as well will what about.Currently, Mature boom has arrived in the adult industry, if she had a reputation even when you are arrested as “beautiful”, demand a considerable amount of likely expected.Previously, to have a career that has been arrested for illegal possession of stimulant drugs in the same way as Sakai, Komukai Minako (26) also debut from the 14th of this month has been determined, possibilities are likely, but … ….

“AV would be difficult.It is said that a guarantee of Yoko Shimada (58) of international actress previously, debuted from MUTEKI even with ¥ 30 million.Sakai was diverted to actress debuted at idle, it is top-notch entertainer you are successful in all its.If it becomes, be a price that exceeds the guarantee of Shimada is inevitable.Albeit Mature boom, is not the manufacturer to shoot over the cost of so much as might be expected.Of course, topicality is distinguished becomes when you appeared, and I might be a plus rather than sales of the work itself, or in part image strategy of the appearance maker “(AV industry participants)

First of all, it’s trend of Sakai, which is reported in the timing as was about to forget the existence from the world, but it is from China is often the most.For some reason appears and disappears also here.

At the time of the arrest of Sakai, is a leading entertainment news site of China, special section “Sakai Noriko 吸毒 (drug suction) Incident” is the opening, where the questionnaire was conducted.In this survey about 60,000 people responded to the survey, impression when I learned “Noriko Sakai has admitted drug possession?To the question of “the answer of the image as” innocent school actress is lost, and shame “was up to 51.7% of more than half.”Shock.Reaction, such as “not believe that she should use the medicine is only 14.1%, it was something different and obviously Japan unusual to arrest after bashing.

There is the Chinese government is speculation that for the 40th anniversary of normalization of diplomatic relations, which were closing in on “next year, and taking advantage of the popularity of Idol and AKB48 and SMAP, and want to relax even a little anti-Japanese sentiment of the people.That said to have committed the crime, and with an eye on Sakai you are getting a strong indication yet, I think you want to bridge of Sino-Japan Friendship? Japanese media also, because I can not ignore the Sakai come as a samurai of friendship from China.And you’re drawing a composition that is killing two birds with one stone?(Industry’s) ”

Officials of Sakai might be an intention to expose to the media in the form of reverse imports from China her there is a popularity in Japan, to appeal to revival.Probation until dawn, Sakai there for more than one year.What she will come taking steps further towards the return.I want to pay attention to trends.
(Statement = KenSaburo Kokai)

(※ image than “Sakai Noriko Best Selection”)

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